Reps. Hawkins and Condotta discuss budget

Reps. Brad Hawkins and Cary Condotta of East Wenatchee discuss the ins and outs of the recently approved House and Senate budgets.  Condotta, who indicated that he believes the House version may not be as well crafted it could be, said it is possible that lawmakers could leave Olympia without a supplemental budget this session.  He discussed the fact that implementing a supplemental spending plan is not required by law.  Hawkins added that he is encouraged that House approval of the budget has at least ‘started the process.’

The 12th District lawmakers also talked about the Senate’s budget, which is considered much more austere than the House plan.  They were joined by Sen. Linda Evans Parlette, who discussed her views on the numbers released by the Senate.  She also shared that an omnibus bill that addresses wildfires will soon head to the Rules Committee.


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