Hawkins and Condotta shed light on budget delays

With one day left in the 2016 legislative session, and no supplemental budget yet approved, lawmakers are talking frankly about what is causing the hold up.  Reps. Brad Hawkins and Cary Condotta, both from East Wenatchee, say that the charter school issue may be one of the biggest concerns.  Hawkins said he believes that some sectors of the legislature are using funding for the alternative learning environment as a bargaining chip.  Meanwhile, Condotta noted that the Washington Education Association has been putting Democrat legislators under extreme pressure.  And that, he says is creating a stand-off as lobbying efforts at the capitol have gone into overdrive.

Sen. Linda Evans Parlette also guested on the show and noted that she does not believe that lawmakers will be able to come to a resolution on the supplemental budget by the scheduled end of the session.


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