12th District Reps. talk with KOZI

Reaction has been swift to the governor’s announcement that he had vetoed dozens of bills, making good on last week’s threat to do so if lawmakers did not present a supplemental budget by the end of the regular session.  Reps. Cary Condotta and Brad Hawkins talked with KOZI.  Said Condotta, “This guy needs to go.  This was ridiculous.”  He talked of the importance of the bills that were vetoed and the amount of work that went into getting them through the legislative process.  Hawkins said he believes philosophical differences in opinion about the use of the rainy day fund, better known as the budget stabilization account, may be what is holding up a budget.  He also talked about the recent bipartisan vote on funding of charter schools and the affect that it had on Democrat lawmakers, who are unused to seeing their ideas declined so soundly.

The lawmakers were joined by Sen. Linda Evans Parlette.


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