About State Rep. Brad Hawkins

Brad grew up in the Wenatchee Valley and received his K-12 education in the Wenatchee School District. After graduating magna cum laude from Central Washington University, he completed his Master’s in Public Administration at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Brad returned to the Wenatchee Valley after graduation. Brad and his wife, Shawna, live in East Wenatchee with their two young children.

He has been active in his community, serving on the North Central Educational Service District Board of Directors, Wenatchee Valley YMCA Board of Directors, and the Eastmont School Board, including two years as school board president.

Brad started serving the people of the 12th District in the Legislature in 2013. His legislative priorities focus on the essential services of government: education, transportation and public safety. As a former school board member, he believes quality public schools and higher education institutions can prepare a workforce to help the economy prosper. Maintaining state roads and bridges are vital to transporting the 12th District’s world-class agricultural products. He believes providing necessary law enforcement, judicial oversight and corrections will help maintain a safe environment for our businesses and families. Brad supports state budgeting efforts that are aligned to deliver these services in the most cost effective manner possible.