Lawmakers guest on KOZI: ‘Just trying to stop the madness’

Reps. Cary Condotta and Brad Hawkins talked with KOZI about activities at the statehouse, and shared details of recent floor votes in the House.

Condotta, who sits on the Appropriations Committee, is deeply concerned about the recent passage of a number of bills that he says would affect the budget.  Said the East Wenatchee lawmaker:  “It’s just fascinating to see all the people voting yes on bill after bill that probably can’t be financed in any way shape or form.”  Later, he commented, “It’s amazing.  It’s like they are in some other alternative world.  I’m just trying to stop the madness.”  Condotta ended remarks on the budget as he usually does. “We need,” he said, “to be cautious and conservative.”

Hawkins, also from East Wenatchee, shared with KOZI details on two bills that have received the approval of House lawmakers and have moved to the Senate.  One would update statute affecting Chelan County.  Another was inspired by the Pateros School District and relates to issues involving the Carlton Complex wildfire which burned thousands of acres in 2014.


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