GOP House member: ‘Democratic leadership is being coy’

Two lawmakers from the 12th District got frank with KOHO this week.  One of them, Rep. Brad Hawkins, R-East Wenatchee, whose fire safety measure remains stalled in the Rules Committee, said the Speaker of the House has put a hold on the bill, and he is not sure why.  Hawkins indicated that he believes the Democratic leadership is being coy when approached about progress of the bill.

KOHO then asked Hawkins if it’s possible that the measure may not get out of ICU; and Hawkins shared that he believes it is possible the legislation may be dead.  The bill would have given authority to towns and counties to enact fireworks bans during times of extreme fire danger or when the governor has declared a state of emergency.

Rep. Cary Condotta, also a Republican from East Wenatchee, had blunt words concerning the activities surrounding the Senate firing of Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson, and the governor’s response to the firing.  “I think,” he said, “that the administration is in trouble and that’s why the governor acted so viciously in his reaction.”  Condotta added that there needs to be more accountability and leadership in Olympia and, “we’re just not seeing it.  It’s time for a cleanup over here.”


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